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Lions Club of Palm Beach - Currumbin

The Lions Club of Palm Beach-Currumbin (inc.) celebrated its 50th year in 2007. Chartered in 1957 by the Coolangatta Lions Club we are proudly celebrating over 5 decades of service.

Our members are grouped together within an international organisation, where we enjoy fellow-ship & dedicate part of our free time to help those in need all over the world, while making our own individual Communities a better place to live in.

Our ideal is one of service as a group to our fellow man without regard to politics, race, and religion or in any way the personal interests of ourselves.

The records of our club show that over the years we have provided financial support and labour to scores of different projects; some very small & some very large.

The first major project of the club was the construction of the "Salk Oval" sports field in Palm Beach thus being the first Australian Rules Football grounds on the Gold Coast.

The AFL football club based there has honoured us by calling themselves the "Lions" and continue to wear our Lions Club Colours.

The Girl Guides Hall followed this project, then the "Lady Neptune" Girl Lifesavers clubhouse at Tullebudgera Creek Beach and a house was built for a disadvantaged family.

Club members assisted with the construction of the Tugun Progress Association Hall, extensions to the Palm Beach Boy Scouts Den, additions to the Pastime Hall, construction of playgrounds for two schools, financially assisted with the construction of the Great Hall at Miami High School, helped stop Beach Erosion at Palm beach & helped with the establishment of the Currumbin Swimming Pool. Our Lions Club has developed three "Lions Recreational Parks" for the enjoyment of the travelling public. The club bought a "Vital Signs Monitor" for the 
Paediatric Department of the Tweed Hospital and joined with other Gold Coast Clubs in the establishment of the "Lions Haven," a retirement village for the elderly, and we bought a Kidney Dialysis Machine & recently an Ultra Sound machine the Gold Coast Hospital.

2 Motorised scooters and a specialized hospital bed for a handicapped schoolboy have given mobility to the handicapped, whilst the local retirement homes have been enhanced with pleasant gardens and shaded bus shelters. 3 new cars for Blue nurses plus a fully equipped ambulance for Burleigh Heads Ambulance station.

Our club has supported the "Lions Medical & Kidney Research Foundation" for 36 years. This unit established Queensland’s first Eye bank and is now at the forefront of transplant technology with 40 researchers. In support of Youth we engage each year in "Youth of the Year"
Lions have always supported Senior Citizens & are the Auspicing body for the 60 & Better program at Palm Beach.

The Club acknowledges the close co-operation of the local councils and financial assistance given by governments, local business and in particular the general public, without whose support its objectives would be more difficult.

The Lions Club of Palm Beach-Currumbin makes many small donations to local charities which totaled over $42,000.00 last year.

The club assists other charitable institutions with their appeals; namely the Heart Foundation, Red Shield, Cancer Foundation & Legacy.

The club aids its fellow men not only by giving money but also by providing sympathy to those in distress & aid to the weak. Over the 
years the club has given aid to many needy families, handicapped persons & the sick & provided holidays for orphans & children 
disadvantaged by cancer & drought. Whenever disaster strikes the club has been at the fore of those ready to help - whether it's an 
individual's distress of a national disaster. The club is always one of the first to send financial & material support to the victims of 
fires, droughts, floods, cyclones, etc. We are at the ready to assist with future emergencies.

The Club in support of the First Objective of Lions International: “To create & Foster a Spirit of Understanding amongst the Peoples of the World", has engaged in Youth Exchange & hosted many overseas students.

The Club raises its money through Raffles, selling Christmas Cakes & Lions Mints, driving the car park buggy at John 
Flynn Hospital, a BBQ at Currumbin Waters IGA store every Saturday and the "Magic Show” which also provides entertainment for up to 3000 deserving persons each year which we have conducted for the past 14 years.

A very successful Project of the Lions Club of Palm Beach - Currumbin was the formation in 2004 of the Lioness Club of Palm 
Beach-Currumbin which now has over 35 female members who meet monthly to raise funds for the community whilst enjoying fellowship and fun and this affiliation creates great strength for both our clubs.

We are part of the world's largest humanitarian project "Sight First." $200 million has been raised to wipe out preventable blindness within 25 
years. There are 42 million persons with preventable blindness now, which would double without our intervention.

A project in 2009 provided a 'Hearing Dog' for a Lady who was profoundly deaf, a Hearing Dog can give or restore independence and confidence to a Deaf or Hearing Impaired person. This was the second such Hearing dog provided for a local person.

Again in 2009 the Lions in Partnership with the Lioness Club and other community groups constructed a house in Tugun for a family of which 4 members have Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy thus realizing “DANNY’S DREAM” as the project was known.


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